SoundAsleep Products has spent years developing the highest quality air mattresses on the market. Our first product, The SoundAsleep Dream Series with ComfortCoil Technology was released in mid 2013. Over a dozen additional products are in development and will be released over the coming quarters. 

Dream Series with ComfortCoil Technology 

The SoundAsleep Dream Series with ComfortCoil Technology comes available as a queen sized, "double - raised" mattress. The air mattresses measures 78x58x19 inches with the look and feel of a traditional queen sized mattress and box spring.  


The soft top flocking offers breathability and water proofing to the mattress and prevents penetration from spills or sweat. The 19" height provides that extra height and support you can expect from a SoundAsleep Product. The patented motor was built for simplicity. Users turn the knob clockwise to inflate the mattress and then back to center when the air mattress has reached the desired firmness. A counterclockwise turn will deflate the mattress. 


The Dream Series was designed as an inhome product; perfect for the occasional overnight guest or when the in-laws come over for a visit. The mattress is not designed for every day use in place of a traditional bed. Every day use will degrade the mattress and this type of use is not covered under the warranty.